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Posted on September 25, 2017

Is this a . . . what day is it?

Just kidding. We know exactly what day it is. It's the day before the day. It's the last day of the PHE (Pre-Hob Era). It's everyone's last chance to say, "Hob? No, I haven't tried it." We're so close to launch that we missed our chance to use the word "penultimate" anywhere in this post, which is disappointing, because it's such a great word. Fortunately, there is still time for our official launch trailer:

Also, our very own Kristina Ness produced a wonderful comic prelude to the story of Hob. You can read the online version here, or flip through/download the pages below. And if that's not enough, Kristina made a printable ashcan* version with instructions for cutting and folding. Download yours!


Original Soundtrack

Until tomorrow!

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Hob Soundtrack Now Available

Dev Diary: Fallen Soldier

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We’re wrapping up Hob and we're super excited to get it in your hands on Tuesday! Hob is a big departure from the Torchlight series, and a shiny new game needs shiny new music. Matt Uelmen painstakingly crafted an amazing set of 10 tracks that really help paint the evocative and mysterious beauty of Hob. Take a look at the process here:

And as a special treat, anyone who pre-orders Feast your ears on the full soundtrack here: on Steam will get the full album delivered along with the game on Tuesday morning. It's like a visit from Santa, but without all that judgy naughty-or-nice crap!


We’re also pleased to officially launch our Bandcamp page, where you can get full-length lossless FLAC or MP3 audio for both Torchlight 2 and Hob!

Hob soundtrack art large

Dev Diary: Fallen Soldier

Posted on September 7, 2017

We get this question a lot: "So what's the story of Hob?" If you've asked us, you've probably received an answer ranging from an enigmatic smile to simply being told, "You'll have to play to find out!"

We've always said there is a deep narrative to Hob; in fact, the story came to us first, while the game was still a cocktail napkin sketch. But we always wanted you to experience it for yourself through environmental storytelling. Essentially, the story unfolds for you as you explore and (hopefully) find all the secrets.

We've been diligent about avoiding spoilers and keeping major story beats under wraps. Today though, we are giving you a hint as to what happened in the world of Hob before the Hero awakens. Who came before you? Watch to find out!

Nicksoutham poster thumb

We'd love to hear your theories, so leave us a comment on YouTube if you think you know the secret!

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